Fiv3Devs Guidelines and Policy


- Any product from Fiv3Devs will be encrypted using Keymaster/escrow, whether it is custom commissioned,  a modification of our released product, or any of our Tebex store items. Fiv3Devs is not planning on selling any open decrypted product.

- Since every customer can modify texture files and images, Fiv3Devs will not be responsible if any copyrighted trademark will be used in any of our Tebex products after the purchase. Fiv3Devs will NOT sell any product that includes a copyrighted brand in it.

- Fiv3Devs owns intellectual property over any custom-commissioned project and will only sell the user license to the commissioner

-  Any decryption, stealing, or resale attempt is considered unauthorized and will result in us revoking any license immediately. Fiv3Devs will act legally against these violations if necessary.

- The preferred channel of communication for any inquiry or support request is our discord server ( https://discord.gg/PmJxtTYTx8 )

- Since Fiv3Devs is based in Italy, because of different timezones, ticket support is available during GMT+1 (Rome timezone) working hours, during nighttime, and holidays response could be slower or not guaranteed.

-  Fiv3Devs is reserving the right to remove any license of any product because of violations

-  Any license recovery matter must be discussed directly with Tebex or CFX support by the new measures introduced by Tebex.

- Tebex terms and conditions provide refund terms. If the refund is for an EU customer, the right of withdrawal law is applied, and the refund can be issued up to 14 days after the purchase ( It is governed by Legislative Decree No 21/2014, which transposed Directive 2011/83/EU on consumer rights ). National rules on the right of withdrawal do NOT apply to low-value contracts negotiated away from business premises (Article 47, paragraph 2 Consumer Code). For the qualification of a "low-value contract," the limit under national law is € 50 by the EU law. 

- Any refund procedure for one of our Tebex products must be discussed with our support team or with the Tebex support team and is issued by the Tebex platform.

- No refunds will be issued by the Fiv3Devs team if the customer transferred the license to the wrong keymaster account or in the case of impossibility of transferring the asset to a server owner

- Support is intended to be provided only to problems related to our products and is not guaranteed if third-party products/game server architectures/game modes are causing said issues.

- Chargeback attempts will result in license revocation, and no refund will be issued from Fiv3devs

- Customers who do not comply with our support team and make solving an issue more complicated or impossible won't be assisted and will be redirected toward Tebex support.

- To receive a refund, the Tebex transaction ID of the related purchase is mandatory.

- Gift cards are not refundable after the credit has been used

- Fiv3Devs is not liable for any damage caused by a license interruption.

- Fiv3devs will not share customer information with anyone without permission or a valid legal reason.

- Unless specified in the features of our Tebex products, no script is included ( job system, map management,  prop interactions, others )