How do I purchase?

Buying products from us is very simple!

All you need to do is go to our shopping page (MAPS/MLO) and choose your favorite product. Add it to the cart, and once there, you can insert your basic info and pay with your favorite payment method simply and conveniently using Tebex, the official FiveM partner.

How does Tebex work? License system?

Tebex is the easiest and most secure way to purchase and sell FiveM resources. It gives you a safe and fast way of buying our maps using a licensing system that doesn't require streaming encrypted .dlls on your server and your favorite payment method to pay. It also gives us a way to protect our intellectual property by securing our files from being distributed. 

I bought a resource; where is it?

If you just bought one of our maps, you will receive an e-mail with a download and Keymaster links. If you purchased using your account but don't own the server you play in, or if you haven't received an e-mail, go to the keymaster page and find your purchased maps under "Purchased assets." From there, you can transfer the license to one (and only one) different account (you will lose yours) or download the resource again. 

Note that the transfer ability is available only once per license!

I bought one of your maps, but I don't own the server I'm playing on!

Don't worry! Keymaster has made it so you can transfer your license to another account. Go to Keymaster and log in to your account. Once there, go to "Purchased assets," and you will find our resource. Click on "Transfer to another account" and insert the EXACT name of the other account's keymaster. It will instantly transfer, and you can finally play! BEWARE: If you transfer your license, you will not have it anymore. There's only one possible transfer.

Will you update your maps, and how does it work?

We update our maps occasionally, especially if any bug is found or significant change is due. The resource will automatically update on your Keymaster, and you simply have to download the resource again. We always notify our clients on our Discord and resource's forum page.

I bought one of your maps, but it doesn't load! (a.k.a. you don't have "proper entitlement," "you lack the required entitlement")

This happens because you don't have the license rights for the map.
Please try the following. 1) Make sure the account you have bought our maps with is the same one you have your active server key in. 2) Copy your active key from Keymaster under "Home" and paste it into "sv_licenseKey" inside the server.cfg of your server. 3) Be sure to respect the FiveM folders hierarchy: you should have a folder named "fiv3devs_mapname" inside the resources folder of your server, and inside that, there should be a file named "fxmanifest.lua", an empty file called ".fxap" and a folder named "stream" with many files inside. 4) Be sure you have a server version at least older than Rockstar Games' Nightclub DLC. 5) Delete all server and client caches to avoid streaming issues. 6) Make sure you're in the right place! We have a location picture on every post we make on CFX's forum. 

Where are you based? 

We are based in Italy (timezone GMT+1), so don't worry if we don't immediately reply to one of your questions; it might be late at night where we live!

Do your maps work with graphics mods (specifically NVE)?

They usually work with your favorite graphics mod except when the mod conflicts with our map by streaming some modified version of some standard file on your client. It is no big deal since removing part or all the graphics mod solves the issue, and being on the client side, you are the only one to see it broken. We always test our maps with NVE and state when it doesn't support graphic mods.  

Can I change the textures to my taste?

Sure, go ahead! You can change textures to your taste since those are not encrypted.
We also specify which texture you can change for our animations and other building parts to be customized.

Can I change the resource's name to whatever I want?

Sometimes, we stream custom water files or scenarios that work only with the exact resource name we gave you.
If you crash, that may be one of the causes, so it's always better not to change the name of any of our resources.

How do I reach out to get support?

You can get support on our Discord server, which you can find at the top of this page.

Can you unlock the resource for me?

Unfortunately, we can't unlock the resource as it would expose it to distributors who will sell it for a profit behind our backs. 

Are your maps available for AltV, too?

Our maps are NOT available for AltV at this moment as it doesn't support the Keymaster's keys system.